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Why I prefer Flutter over React Native

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I'm aware that Flutter has been around for less time than React Native, and maybe the community for Flutter is smaller for the same reason, but Flutter has earned a special place for me for its simplicity and versatility <3.

Before we dive into the reasons why I PREFER Flutter over React Native, I just want to state that I don't hate React Native and after all, It's just a matter of preferences, It doesn't matter which language, framework, or tools you choose as long as your happy with it, there is no right or wrong option.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework created by Meta used to develop Multi-platform applications using React.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source framework created by Google used to develop Multi-platform applications using Dart.

So... the difference is just the company behind it?

Sure, both frameworks serve the same purpose, coding multiplatform native apps using one codebase, but they have a lot of differences from the language you need to use (React or Dart) to how they work under the hood.

Then why Flutter?

Starting to use Dart might feel confusing or even overwhelming at first, but once you familiarize yourself with the syntax and if you use the superb integration it has with VS code it all flows and feels so much better even with all the nesting it involves!
The widgets make the styling of the app way easier than using CSS or any CSS framework, it's like building a Lego set, it all just fits together with almost no complications, for me personally it just feels so intuitive to use each widget, like if you think a widget might already exist and you start typing what you think it might be called the autocompletion feature of your editor will answer you, and if there's no widget for what you need, you can search through the pub packages or make it your own It's not that hard (just read the docs lol).
And you won't have to worry about styles that much thanks to Material and the theming options! It'll all look neat even when you're just starting your app.


With Flutter is way easier to code and format thanks to its integrations with various IDEs, widgets, and material components, it requires less time to style and you can build for desktop, mobile, and web with the same code without any extra framework.

So... it all boils down to me being bad at CSS? probably.

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